Advocating for those affected by diabetes

and inspiring others to help find a cure.



At The Jared Kuper Diabetes Foundation, we advocate for those affected by diabetes through financial and supportive services, along with inspiring others to help find a cure. We're dedicated to improving the lives of all people living with this disease by creating awareness through education and offering personalized, supportive connections to individuals, families, and caregivers.


We depend on donations from friends like you so we can support those affected by diabetes with medical supplies, financial assistance, and mentorship.

Jared Kuper was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on April 25, 2009 when he was 8 years old. The complications and severity of diabetes became a reality when he went into DKA, or diabetic ketoacidosis, meaning he was in a diabetic coma and stopped breathing. Jared was very lucky because it was caught in time and didn't do any severe damage to his organs, but he still has to work hard to get his blood sugar under control. Insulin helps control his diabetes and keeps him alive, but it's not a cure. Jared's story is just one of the millions out there.


“I believe if everyone took the

time to learn about diabetes and the effects this silent killer has on our bodies, then one day we’ll find a cure for this disease. Join me in my fight against diabetes.”


– Jared Kuper, Founder & President

"I was blessed with a gift today from this amazing foundation. If we can spread the education of the difficulties of living with type 1 diabetes, we can all live healthier and happier. #jaredkuper #thankful #jaredkuperdiabetesfoundation #type1diabetes"

- Katie Thomas, Highland Park IL

"Thanks for welcoming my grandson James into the T1 club of friends."

- Rita Mousavi, Los Altos CA

"I can't express my gratefulness enough to you! From the bottom of my heart - thank you and to all who made this possible!"

-Mark Havens, Kohler, WI


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If you're living with diabetes or are a caregiver, then being a mentor helps others learn from your experience.

We're always looking for people who want to help support our mission. If you'd like to volunteer, we'd love to hear from you.

Your financial donations help fund life-saving medications and supplies for those in need.

If you'd like to host a fundraiser to support The Jared Kuper Diabetes Foundation, we'd love to hear from you.

We're always accepting unopened and unexpired insulin and medical supplies that help those living with diabetes.

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"I have been a diabetic for some 44 years, kidney/pancreas transplant 16 years ago. A very long story short we lost our health insurance. I was lost. Reaching out to every company and person we knew. My wife started chatting with someone from the foundation and in no time I had received more pump supplies, test strips and insulin than I could imagine! They truly stepped up and HELPED in an unbelievable volume! THANK YOU! True life-savers!"

-Mark Havens, Kohler, WI


"As a 32-year-old that has become unable to work due to diabetes-related Autonomic Dysfunction, I am forever grateful to The Jared Kuper Diabetes Foundation for providing me with donations that will help me heal and hopefully go back to the workforce. Looking forward to paying it forward, thank you so much." 

Octavio Herrera, Bronx, NY

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