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June 14, 2012: American Diabetes Association Father of the Year Awards Dinner

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Jared was one of the guest speakers to honor President & CEO of The Parking Spot, Martin H. Nesbitt; Founder & Chairman of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprices, Inc, Richard Melman; and Chairman & CEO of Discover Financial Services, David W. Nelms.

Among these great honorees, Jared also had the opportunity to guest speak with Ryan Baker of CBS2 News; Louis Philipson, Md, PhD, President & Director of University Of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center; and Bob Parkinson, Chairman & CEO of Baxter International Inc. All of these men have helped to make a positive impact in their communities in the lives of all people affected by diabetes. They raise funds, educate, and serve as role models to everyone that meets them and that's what Jared’s mission has been since he was diagnosed.

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